Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I KEEP ON. . .


The friday show was way rowdy. Supercool. This video captures exactly how Seattle felt that Friday night at the Croc. Listen to the entire room singing along. Rawk.

"That's RIGHT!"

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


You can also just search sweetwater4ever on Flickr.com. Rawk On!

Thanks again to all those that showed love to SW4E family. We love you.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

“Give the People what they want, give them something that makes them feel soooo fine…”

and so it was.

Would it live up to expectations? With all the hype, the tortured months of anticipation leading up to the most long-awaited show since... 4ever.

Perhaps the question should be: could we have asked for anything more!?! It was as if it were 1994 all over again, the sweaty fans screaming, begging for more. Hit after hit, ringing power cord on top of slashing guitar solo, tenacious drum roll into catchy baseline, gleeful fist pump into outrageous glam rock pose. Two encores including a brilliant Ziggy Stardust cover, which couldn’t have been more fitting (though it was underappreciated by much of the crowd.)

And so they didn’t play “King of ‘79”, or “Can’t Say No”, or “It’s All There”. There is no such thing as perfection. But this was close...

There are some occasions in which there is no choice but to resort to hyperbole… having barely shaken the hangover from the 8 PBR tallboys we consumed we remain all-but speechless. Were it not for the post-show Dicks run, who knows what kind of shape we’d be in right now, the morning after. Now, that magical night seems like a dream... and there isn’t much more to say until we take a deep breath and reflect on the Sweet Water Reunion kick off show that was.

For now, we’ll let the fans speak for us.

Most often heard in the men’s bathroom of the Croc on the night on June 15:

“Sweet Water changed my life” – 7 times

“those guys got robbed... if any seattle band was gonna make it in the 90s it should have been Sweet Water” – 5 times

“I remember the first time I saw them at Rock Candy [Off Ramp/OK Hotel/Paramount]. Blew my f**in mind. Best live band ever! – 4 times

“did you see that chick?... she was totally hot. I think she used to date Layne Staley” - 2 times

“I haven’t been this f**ing hammered since high school! PARTY!” – 2 times

“Hey, There’s Credo! On no, that’s just his stunt double-roadie” - 2 times


God Damn. The blaze was blazin'! Uhlir was the drums, not the bass you tap the keg fans, credo shreded, cole was cool and adam skanked his way into the highest strata of rockdom. Thank you sweet water and the 20 meat heads that keep screaming in my face when they noticed I let up on singing along. BTW, I was one of few that sang LOSING word for word, via the OG demo and the great NEW RAGE release which still has the highest itunes plays. Please enjoy the youtube-age... I am back to NY tomorrowm sat, so i will miss the follow up shows. Seattle please let lady rawk rise higher each night. and Bros please come to NY. We love you.... thanks again.... SWEETWATER4EVER! PS... SW4E founder BS was kicked out and snuck back in. Check for play by play video coming soon.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

SW4E T-Shirt Poll


The SW4E staff will make a LIMITED RUN of T shirts to celebrate Sweet Waters return. There area three quotes below. Which do you want to see on the shirt? Let us know... We will try to make some extras for all those fans singing along to every fu##king word.


"Motor-cross running socks
Half-shirts never been washed"

"We're not like the rest of you stupid people,
We're not like the rest of you slaughter cows"

"They may have my number,
they can't catch what they cant see"

just imagine if these guys were wearing sweetwater4ever shirts...

PS: don't forget your air guitar

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Big Rock Show!

Sweetwater Reunion shows: June 15-16

Comrades, its 1 month away... The biggest rock show to hit Seattle since Metallica brought out the Spinal Tap skull during the "and Justice for All" Tour, since Nirvana and Mudhoney last shared the stage in 1993, since Alice 'n' Chains last played a Christmas show at the Moore that didn't suck.

Do you ever get nostalgic about the good 'ol days of rock music, back when lead guitar players were required to have long hair down to their ass, refused to use conditioner, and manuevered their axe is if it were part of their body (yeah you know which part)?

Well, my friends, there's a Big F**CKIN ROCK SHOW coming up exactly one month from now and you better be there!! The sweetwater4ever crew will be taking that trip down memory lane... and you'll recognize us at the show 'cause we'll be wearing runnning socks and half-shirts that have never been washed. oh yeah, and we'll by selling a few too (shirts, not socks.)


[btw, we've got a visa, first round's on us...]

Sunday, April 01, 2007


'78-'79 to be exact.


Adam rocking the championship shirt(photo: chevy orange). Damn they were close in '96.


Rock Medicine for real.


JUNE 15th

See all you self-haters there!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Who took your faith and replaced it with sanity? . . .

. . I found a way that we can both be free . ."

June 15th 2007!





" I was in seattle last week getting hyped for the
sweetwater reunion show and as I'm walking out of the bathroom at the burgermaster in
laurelhurst and I hear this guy say to his buddy, "are
you going to get tickets for the sweetwater comeback
show?" and dude replies "Hell Yes!"

enough said.